Corsham in the 1930s and 40s

It’s so long ago, I’m sure I’ll miss a few When I was a boy the Corsham shops I knew. Each side of narrow High Street, shops galore, The variety of choice, one couldn’t ask for more.

Butchers: Beszants, Loves and Tommy Ives For Sunday roast, sausages and pies.

Bakers: Woods, Daymond’s and favourite Johnson’s fresh bread, fancy cakes and Chelsea buns.

The paper shop Barnett’s for the latest news, Writing pads, envelopes, comics for the blues.

James and Honeychurch, ironmongers, household needs And for the ardent gardener, tools and seeds. Smiths and Macmillan’s for gents and ladies wear

Neates and Uncles: new shoes and old to repair. Fruit, fish and veg: Hazels and Marshes too, International, Spackmans: groceries for you.

Pavey’s for sherbert dips, gobstoppers, chocolate to enjoy. Lords, cigarettes, tobacco and your children’s toy.

Wilkins Corn Stores, pet foods for cats and dogs Hancock’s: coal merchant for all your coal and logs.

James the wool shop, buttons and cotton thread. Co-op for chairs and tables, and a comfy bed.

Barbers: Mr Wootten, Mr Cooper, neaten unruly hair. Cawtes, Bowerbanks: garages. Mend your car there.

Mr Hobbs mends your bicycle or a new one to get. Mr Dyke, jeweller for watches rings, a bracelet.

Yet now Corsham – No atmosphere, so out of touch Can we have the old one back? Thank you very much.

Bert Bradfield. 2010 

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