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About the society

Corsham Civic Society was founded in 1963 to represent the people of Corsham in all aspects of conservation, preservation and the promotion of this delightful Wiltshire town.

The Society is a registered Charity, a member of ASHTAV (Association of Small Historic Towns & Villages of the UK).

It is our aim to promote high standards of planning and architecture, to create a wider awareness amongst the local population of environmental issues, the geography, history, natural history and architecture of the area, and to secure the preservation, protection and improvement of features of public amenity and/or historical interest, both in Corsham and in the surrounding countryside.

Our overall purpose is to engender pride in our town and to contribute towards the vitality and well-being of Corsham’s residents and that of its neighbouring villages

The Society holds monthly meetings and talks at The Pound Arts Centre. Click here to view a calendar of events.

Our history
Current president Anne Lock

Current president Anne Lock

Presidents through time

1970 – 1974  Lord Methuen
1974 – 1980  Oswald Brakspear
1980 – 1992  Robin Eden
1992 – 1994  Brenda Forbes
1994 – 2007  Anne Greenly
2008 -present Anne Lock

From the earliest Constitution dated 17th May 1963

The objects of the society shall be:

  • To promote the study of civic design
  • To stimulate public consciousness and appreciation of the beauty, history and character of the Parish of Corsham
  • To encourage the preservation, development and improvement of the features which go to make pleasing and convenient conditions in which to live and work.
  • To pursue these ends by such means or meetings, lectures, study groups, exhibitions and publications.
  • To make informed representation where necessary to the appropriate authority and mobilise public opinion in support of these aims.

Lady at Prayer

It was Robin Eden’s idea to ask the Bath Academy of Art for a tangible memorial to the years during which they were based in Corsham. The sculpture “Lady at Prayer” by Ian Cotton was presented by him and she now resides in the Library.

Committee members

Executive committee members (2014/15)

Chairman Michael Rumsey 01249 715741

91 Tellcroft Close, Corsham, SN13 9JQ

Honorary secretary Victoria Blake 01249 716286
Treasurer Elizabeth Addison 07919 352002
Membership secretary Jean Beech 01249 713833
Newsletter editor Jujhar Garcha garchajujhar@gmail.com
Programme organiser Negley Harte 01249 713529
Social organisers Joan Maciver 01225 812225
Committee member Jane Browning 01249 716013


President Anne Lock 01225 810357
Vice Presidents Geoff Knapp 01249 712270
Pat Whalley 01249 713618
Roger Clifton
Wyndham and Kathy Thomas
Website Editor Michael Wilkinson michael.wilkinson@revolutionarts.org.uk

Planning committee

Chairman Margaret Smith 01249 715459
Secretary Vacancy

Why join the Corsham Civic Society?

  • The Pound Arts Centre, where meetings are held

    The Pound Arts Centre, where meetings are held

    Become a member of an active society with progressive ideas on how the town and its surrounding district can be enhanced, yet at the same time, preserving buildings, open spaces for future generations to enjoy.

  • There are at least 7 meetings a year, currently held at The Pound Arts Centre and a wide range of topics are delivered.  Free tea and coffee are available at the conclusion of the talk and a glass of wine is £1 cheaper than normal prices.
  • The Society’s has a varied programme of events throughout the year, listed on this website.
  • The Annual General Meeting is held in May at Corsham Town Hall and a cheese and wine buffet is available at the end of this meeting.
  • The Society’s magazine ‘Spotlight’ is published 3 times a year in March, July and November.
  • Each Summer an evening visit is normally organised and in 2014, this will be to the Trowbridge Museum.

The membership fees for 2014 are:

Annual membership – £15 per person or £12 each for a joint membership

Five year membership fee – £60

Life Membership – £100

Junior membership – £1

To download a membership form click here.

For enquiries about membership, please contact Jean Beech on 01249 713899 or write to  108 Brook Drive, Corsham, SN12 9AY.

Corsham Memories: The Prefab Years

Corsham Memories: The Prefab Years

Corsham Memories 2: The Prefab Years

This published book is available for just £9.99, post free from – Mrs Pat Whalley. 27 Elm Hayes, Corsham, Wiltshire. SN13 9JW

In this book we have a small record of Corsham’s Social history, through a compilation of interviews with people who moved to Corsham in the 1930’s and 40’s and were kind enough to share their memories with the author, Pat Whalley.

Email enquires to:- patsay642@btinternet.com 

Corsham Memories from 1910

Corsham Memories from 1910

Corsham Memories from 1910

This recently published book is available for just £10,
post free from— Michael Rumsey, 91, Tellcroft Close, Corsham, Wiltshire. SN13 9JQ Cheques made payable to the ‘Corsham Civic Society’

In this book we have a small record of Corsham’s Social history, through a compilation of interviews with people who were born in Corsham be- tween 1910 and 1950 and were kind enough to share their memories with one of the Society’s members, Pat Whalley..

Email queries to:- michael.rumsey@btinternet.com

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