Appeal dismissal decision report ~ Care UK

Great news a decision was posted on 8th that the Care UK proposed care home development appeal [on the Bath Road opposite Priory Road] had been dismissed by the Planning Inspector! As the person who had got the ball rolling against this scheme by summoning the scheme’s planning consultant and a developers’ representative to attend a public meeting in Pickwick [they were rather reluctant], I could not be more pleased for the local community and the Pickwick Association who led the fight. The site is one of the few remaining fields in the Pickwick Conservation Area that is open from the Bath Road. After also seeing off the proposed Gladman development on the Bath Road site opposite St Patrick’s Catholic Church, this is another formidable achievement for the fighting spirit of the local community!

I should add that in addition to the efforts of the admirable stalwarts of the Pickwick Association, thanks are due, in particular, to Corsham town councillors, Ruth Hopkinson [also Wiltshire CC councillor] and Helen Belcher and Wiltshire CC staff for their support and contributions. Notably, the Pickwick Conservation Area Appraisal written by Tony Clark and I was referred to by the appellant’s council, who questioned our qualifications, specifically referring to me as ‘only an archaeologist’! I’ve been dissed more effectively by ‘less learned’ people in the past!

Read the full report here

John Maloney

by | Apr 25, 2022 | News