Corsham Civic Society artefacts

The Society has had in its care for some time, many small artefacts, reputed to have been found in the area, principally small coins, some dating back to Roman times. There is also a Roman lamp and dice, a clay pipe, and a tiny child’s shoe. Unfortunately, we do not know the provenance of the majority of these items. Nevertheless, we wanted to find a safe place for them to be stored, and used for exhibitions, teaching, etc at a later date. We are pleased to say that the Chippenham Museum has agreed to house these items for us. They will be known as the ‘Corsham Civic Society Collection’, and be available for use in the community on a temporary basis in the future. They were transferred in February 2017.
NB Chippenham History Centre is the repository for paperwork and photographs only, so although they house a considerable collection of information and photographs for the CCS, this was not the appropriate home for these items.
Pat Whalley

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