Centenary of suffragists pilgrimage

Suffragists at the top of Church Lane, Box

Suffragists at the top of Church Lane, Box

These past few months have seen a hive of activity in the shop in the Martingate Centre, next to the greengrocers, which Bill Hall has allowed us free use of to put together all that needs to be done for the celebrations in the town for the centenary of the pilgrimage of the suffragists from Land’s End to London on July 14th/15th. The photograph below shows the suffragists on the London Road at the top of Church Lane, Box. Andrea Garrihy has been constructing life-size models of suffragists, ably helped by Anna Mackie. The shop has basically been our HQ, where people have been able to drop in and offer help, advice, and to seek advice. By the time this issue is printed the celebrations will have come and gone, and I make no excuse for a few articles on the suffrage movement in this issue. Exhibitions will be held in the Library and the Pictor Room of Arnold House during July and August.

It was disappointing that we had to cancel Corsham in Music. Unfortunately, it was due to circumstances beyond our control and we are hoping that we can still put the performance on in the autumn.

Following discussion at the AGM a poll was conducted regarding the market in the High Street. Very few replies were received, so it has been decided to take no further action.

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