Corsham Railway Station

'Huge step forward' for Corsham Station Campaign

In a previous update I reported on the decision for the Society’s Corsham Station Campaign to join TransWilts, now a registered Community Interest Company. Paul Johnson, its Chairman, was the first Chairman of the Swindon & Wiltshire…
Workers preparing the site before removing the old footbridge

Electrifying the Great Western Railway

Monday, September 1 saw the first high speed passenger trains through Corsham after the line closure for the 6 weeks previously.  During those 6 weeks much work was completed between the east end of Box tunnel and Sydney Gardens in Bath.  The…
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The Great Thunderstorm of 2014

Few in Corsham will forget the mighty thunderstorm that hit the area during the night of 18/19 September this year. It was as if one of those great spaceships from science fiction was hovering above us for a couple of hours firing down great…