Spotlight July 2017

Corsham’s Mansion House - an update

The photograph here is a clear indication of what was considered most important by Wiltshire Council and their architect’s, DKA ~ far more prominence is given to the new extension which predominates rather than to the fine Georgian building! The mock up is typically representative of an architect’s ‘vanity project’.
The doorway of the Mansion House in Corsham, unaltered from when it was built in 1721-22.

Measuring the heights of the Neale Family at the Mansion House, Corsham, 1722-51

The first ‘mansion house’ to be built in Corsham by a rich and successful clothier in the last great boom of the broadcloth and/or medley cloth industry in the first half of the eighteenth century was the ‘Mansion House’, as it was called at the time, and as it has been called ever since.