Corsham’s new butcher, Toby Haynes

Meet Corsham’s new butcher, Toby Haynes

Over the last 100 years Corsham has seen a number of well-established butcher shops come and go.  Many of us remember the shops of Mr Ives, the Love family, Beszants, with their slaughter house, the Royal Wilts and the North West London Meat…

Film crews come to Corsham

Click each picture to make them larger. It’s not quite Hollywood, but near enough. In May the BBC used part of the High Street as a location (substituting for late 18th-century Truro) for its forthcomeing Poldark series (broadcasting…
1930s/1940s Corsham

Corsham in the 1930s and 40s

It’s so long ago, I’m sure I’ll miss a few When I was a boy the Corsham shops I knew. Each side of narrow High Street, shops galore, The variety of choice, one couldn’t ask for more. Butchers: Beszants, Loves and Tommy Ives…
Corsham High Street 1949

Corsham High Street 1949

In January 2012 the Society was contacted by Mrs Hilary Corke who, when looking through the photographs of her late father, came across a number annotated on the back with “ Reconstruction of High Street, Corsham, for Wilts C.C.…
Corsham High Street 1949

The First St. Bartholomew’s Church Magazines 1883

Earlier this year a book was donated to the CADT which was discovered to contain copies of the first ever St. Bart's Church Magazines published in our parish dated 1883. It was introduced by the Rev. George Linton, the cover was printed…