Julian Orbach

The Buildings of Corsham, a talk by Julian Orbach

Julian is preparing the third edition of the Wiltshire volume of The Buildings of England. The Buildings of England series was created by Sir Nicholas Pevsner and is regarded as an unrivalled series of comprehensive architectural guides covering…
Corsham Station

An early photograph of Corsham Station

It is believed that this is the second earliest photograph taken of a train at Corsham station.  It probably dates for 1893 or early 1894.  The engine, an ‘1854’ class of saddle tank, was built at Swindon Works in November 1892 and…
Monks Chapel

Heritage Open Days 2016 programme

8 - 11 September 2016 PROGRAMME OF EVENTS Thursday 8 September Bath Stone Quarry Museum Trust Collection at 5 Masons Wharf, Potley Lane Corsham SN13 9FY. Two visits at  10.30am and 2.30am. Ten people per session. Tickets are required. …
Pickwick Cricket club team photograph taken on the Recreation Ground in Bath on 4th July 1953

Sporting Times in Corsham in the 1950s and 1960s

Paul Smith, a Corsham resident for many years, now living in Carlisle, has sent a set of photographs of cricket and football teams of the 1950’s and 60’s with the players names into the bargain. This is the Pickwick Cricket club team…
Corsham’s new butcher, Toby Haynes

Meet Corsham’s new butcher, Toby Haynes

Over the last 100 years Corsham has seen a number of well-established butcher shops come and go.  Many of us remember the shops of Mr Ives, the Love family, Beszants, with their slaughter house, the Royal Wilts and the North West London Meat…
Magna Carta

Magna Carta: origins and outcomes

Originally it was planned that professor of medieval history David d’Avray would enlighten us with a talk on Magna Carta to coincide with its 800th anniversary, yet being occupied at the time it was postponed until February this year. This…
Methuen Arms

A glimpse into the history of the Methuen Arms

A glimpse into the past history of this building may not be known to many, particularly those new to our area, so bear with us if you have heard the story before! In Tudor times this was the site of an impressive house, known as Winters Court,…
Corsham Walking Festival

Corsham Walking Festival: 17-19 June 2016

We are holding our second full Weekend Walking Festival on the above dates, and will be offering 17 walks to suit all abilities, including a short fully accessible walk, wheelchair friendly, therefore suitable for all (carers free).  We’ll…
Methuen School

Memories of the Methuen School

  Michael Rumsey In 1816, money was given by Paul Cobb Methuen (1752-1816) for the building of a 3-roomed school for the education of ‘poor children’. That building, in South Place, Corsham celebrates its 200th birthday this…
The Brunel Shed

Introducing the Brunel Shed

As part of an international organisation of Men’s Sheds, one has been started for Corsham and the surrounding communities. Cllr Phil Whalley of Corsham Town started the initiative and handed it over to those who attended the first meeting…