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The Coates family seemed to be well established in Corsham in the mid 1800’s. Herbert Bishop Coates was born in Corsham in 1844, his wife Emma, born in Biddestone two years later.

They had a large family of 10 children – 6 girls, and 4 boys. Unfortunately, 3 were to die young, at 27,29, and 38 years respectively.

Herbert B Jnr was born in 1882, and became a printer, which was probably how he became acquainted with Lewin Spackman. Sons Ernest and Frederick, followed their father into the butchery business. One of the daughters, Emily, married one Arthur Lloyd, who was a Station Master. Daughters Mary and Ellen learned office skills, and Minnie appears to have stayed at home.

Three butchers presumably father and sons, are recorded, one in the High Street, (now ES Electrical), and one at Pickwick Road (pictured above, in archive photo from 1958).

Herbert B followed Lewin Spackman into the post of Parish Clerk in 1923 at a salary of £180 per year. He was extremely well thought of, and renowned for his punctilious recording of minutes of meetings.

He retired in 1955. He lived at 18 Pickwick Road, and worked closely with Mr HR James the ironmonger in the High St who was also Chairman of the Parish for several years during and after the war. Herbert died in 1958.