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No doubt some of you will be aware that at the end of last month a pocket-sized book was published, Corsham in Focus, which contains superb B&W photographs of architectural features from buildings all within a mile of Corsham, including quite a few from Pickwick. It’s in the form of a treasure hunt to identify the location of the features in the photographs and there is a £500 first prize [to be awarded in October when the ‘hunt’ finishes]. Already I’ve seen people in Pickwick with the book and perusing houses in order to identify some of the features. It’s great fun, educational [you look at buildings probably more closely than ever before] and very absorbing. I thoroughly recommend the book which can be purchased from The Corsham Bookshop for £7.99. Happy hunting!

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  1. BJ
    BJ says:

    This book is addictive! I have pounded the streets of Corsham over the past few weeks totally absorbed in finding fine detail on buildings. I have learnt a little & found – well there’s lots to see! Excellent book for all the family 🙂


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