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It’s Thursday afternoon, February 9th and I have just returned from a most interesting and informative visit to our ‘Spotlight’ magazine printers, Corsham Print.  Chris Perry and David Kilmurray, the joint owners, took time out to explain how the printing business has changed since 2006 when the first article about their company and its forebears appeared in ‘Spotlight’.  Today, the company has 11 employees, including Chris & David, and with business growing they’ve had to embrace new technology and invest substantial sums of money in new equipment to keep ahead of their rivals.  Their business emanates from an area of approx.: 25-30 mile radius of Corsham and they are able to print leaflets, brochures, magazines, like ours, banner type posters, catalogues and soft back books etc. No job is too small or too large for them to tackle.  In some instances they can receive an urgent short run order in the morning and have it ready for collection by the end of the day.

Corsham Print

Corsham Print

Corsham Print employ two types of printing process, Digital and Offset.  The ‘Spotlight’ magazine is printed digitally and digital printer is used for short runs of between 500 and 1,000 copies and 2,000 sheets an hour can be produced.  The design work, once approved is passed directly to the machine and it’s printed with very little human assistance.  Offset printing is used where the print run is for a 1,000 copies plus and their largest run was for 250,000 impressions.  The offset machine can print up to 15,000 sheets an hour, and during my visit, I was able to watch this very large machine in action, most impressive indeed.  On another machine, booklets are collated, guillotined and stapled into the finished article.  The oddest printing job they’ve completed was for the M.O.D. and was the escape manual for submariners on waterproof paper!

We, the Corsham Civic Society, are greatly indebted to Chris and David for their continuing support in printing our ‘Spotlight’ magazine free of charge, which we all greatly appreciate, thank you Corsham Print from us all.

Michael Rumsey

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