A plaque is now attached to the Mayo grave to record the details of the dates relating to Charles Mayo, his wife Mary, and their daughter Florence. 2014.

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Members will remember the considerable work done by the Society to achieve the restoration of the Mayo Memorial at the end of the High Street between 2005 and 2007. The CCS are also commited to the ‘Adopt a Grave Scheme’ for the St. Bartholomew’s churchyard (we adopted three graves: Mayo, Clutterbuck and Pictor), and have found that the lettering on the Mayo grave has become very loose, to the extent that soon it will be unreadable.

Since people remain interested in researching their family history and the history of the local community, it was felt that we should take steps to retain the identification of this grave for future generations, and we obtained the necessary costings and permissions to attach a small plaque which identifies details of the commemoration of this man who was held in such high esteem by his contemporaries.

Pat Whalley 

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