1910 Humberette
1910 Humberette

1910 Humberette

The first vehicle registered in Wiltshire, AM-1, was a 10hp Benz Parsifal, to Wiltshire County Council’s County Surveyor, Charles Septimus Adye on 12th Dec 1903.

Listed below are those registered to Corsham people, up to registration number AM-1000:

AM-26 Motor cycle Quadrant 21⁄4 hp, about 120 lbs, issued on 2nd Sept 1905 to Arthur Henry Fry, High Street.

AM-48 14th Dec 1903-27 Jun 1904 to James Ellis Crisp [surgeon] Alexander House. Humber 23⁄4hp; about 170 lbs, trade. Reregistered 27th June 1904, Quadrant 3 hp, about 135 lbs; trade. Reregistered 28th May 1909, 3/31⁄2 Quadrant motor cycle ; 160 lbs; trade.

AM-185 Rex motor cycle, about 120 lbs, issued on 18th May 1909 to Arthur Stuart Hiscocks, Richmond Villa. A new owner was registered 1st Oct 1915.

AM-187 1st Jan 1904-Walter E Merrett, [cycle maker and dealer and furniture dealer] Cycle Depot. New Quadrant motor cycle; 60lbs, trade. On 19th Aug 1907 reissued to
George Turlieu, Belle Vue, Clevedale Road.

AM-225 6th Jan 1904 to Fred Carter [builder & contractor] [Roseleigh], South Street. Swift 51⁄2 hp; dogcart body; painted black, white lined, 7cwt, trade. Re issued 18th Mar 1910, Edward Sidney Ogburn [hotel proprietor] Methuen Arms Hotel.

Classic quadrant motorcycle

Classic quadrant motorcycle

AM-590 23th Feb 1910 issued Walter Edwin Merrett [cycle agent and furniture dealer], High Street; 71⁄2 hp Humberette; four seated car, red; 11 cwt, private. Re-registered on 13th May 1920 to Walter Edwin Merrett [motor engineer, cycle agent and furniture dealer and fruiterer] Motor Garage. 20 hp Ford; van body, slate; 12 cwt trade.

AM-610 28th Mar 1905 to Charles George Cawte [plumber, glazier, decorater and gas and hot water fitter], High Street. 3 hp Quadrant motor cycle; 145 lbs; private and trade.

AM-629 19th Apr 1905 to Frank William Sawyer, Westwells Farm. Minerva motor bicycle, 11⁄2hp; 110 lbs; private.

AM-722 issued on 7th Sept 1907 to Henry John Lucas, Station Road; motor cycle with fore carriage, Humber 3 3⁄4hp; ‘Olympia Tandem’; about 3 cwt; private.

AM-864 23th June 1906 registered to Frank Vyvian Radcliffe, Priory Cottage; a 2hp De Dion engine motor tricycle; 11⁄2 cwt; private.

AM-909 issued to Messrs Neale & Gough [brush makers], Pickwick Road, a 10-12hp Humber van; 14 cwt; private.

AM-963 6th Feb 1907 to Alfred William Butt [tailor], High Street. Triumph motor cycle; about 150lbs; private and trade. Reissued 13 May 1908.

Jane Browning

Source: Early Motor Vehicle Registration in Wiltshire 1903– 1914. Edited by Ian Hicks. Wiltshire Record Society Volume 58

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