Corsham Memories from 1910
Corsham Memories from 1910

Corsham Memories from 1910

Our evening with Lord Methuen in April was chosen as the launch date for the Civic Society‟s latest book Corsham Memories from 1910. Civic Society stalwart Pat Whalley collated the stories with great dedication over a twelve month period.

This is a collection of memories of people who were born in Corsham between 1910 and 1950 and, as the Chairman of the Society says in the Foreword, it is all about history. Since 1910 there have been 4 monarchs, 2 world wars, the rise and fall of dictators such as Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin, and other notables such as Churchill and Lloyd George. The second World War had a huge impact on the town due to the nature of the rock beneath Corsham. Underground factories and depots were established in the old mines by the War Ministry with an attendant influx of servicemen and workers.

Other recollections include Jack Snell, the blacksmith making hoops and crooks for the boys; skating on the lake in winter, though Lord Methuen was careful to ensure the ice was thick enough and the driving of cows from Pound Mead to Hartham Lane via Station Road, the High Street and Priory Street.

Lord Methuen was presented with the first copy of the book. It is on sale at the Corsham Bookshop, Corsham Heritage Centre, and Barnett Brothers newsagents, all on the High Street, and is priced at £9.99. All proceeds will go to Civic Society funds.

Jane Browning 

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