George Head - my Grandfather

The Head Family

  When the Head family emigrated into Corsham, all the way from many earlier generations a few miles down the road in Box, they came en-masse and they brought their Bath Stone yard with them. My paternal great-grandfather, James was…
Over 60 people take a tour of Alexander House, where they were born
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Corsham Maternity Home

If you were in town on Wednesday 23 September, you may have seen approximately sixty people having their photograph taken outside Alexander House in the High Street. This building was the Maternity Home from about 1913 to 1950. There were only…
1910 Humberette

First motor vehicle registrations in Corsham

The first vehicle registered in Wiltshire, AM-1, was a 10hp Benz Parsifal, to Wiltshire County Council’s County Surveyor, Charles Septimus Adye on 12th Dec 1903. Listed below are those registered to Corsham people, up to registration…
Abandoned trolley

The hidden world of Corsham's quarry tramways

Much has been written about Corsham's stone quarries and their subsequent role in WWI and WWII, for example in excellent books such as Derek Hawkin's “Bath Stone Quarries” and in Nick McCamley's “Secret Underground Cities” and…